I am “called2teachu”!




“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; (Ephesians 4:11)”

My name is Billie Trindle, but to many people who know me online, I’m known as called2teachu, (and my avatar was a “cartoon character” to help keep things simple and not too serious). In 1985 I was introduced for the first time to who exactly Jesus is and why I was in need of him.

I was blown away by what I heard that day! At that very moment I couldn’t explain what all was happening to me on the inside as I listened; but for starters, what seem to be nothing more to me than a fairytale, (God), he all of a sudden became an undeniable reality. For the first time in my life God was real and I could “feel” (for the lack of a better word) his presence.

Secondly, I also knew it was the Lord who was drawing me to himself; I had a choice, to accept him or I could deny him a place in my life. I didn’t feel condemned, but rather I felt loved. I also knew that this wasn’t just a one time choice, but a lifetime choice; not to be just acknowledged once and forgotten, but a choice walked out throughout all eternity. The choice was given and I accepted it, I said “yes”!

Something extraordinary had happened to me that day that I couldn’t explain very well, nor could I show it from the Bible, (not being raised up in Church or knowing what was in the bible). I wanted to tell the world about my experience, but didn’t know how!

(To make a long story short.) Over the years I spent countless hours reading and studying the various translations of the Bible; and I started teaching in my local Church. Where I taught Sunday school to helped other believers to share their new-found faith to those around them. I felt the call to teach and in time I became an Evangelist and Elder in the Church, where I helped people to understand and explain in simple ways to others about what happened in them as they first believed.

In the late 1990’s I was introduced to the computer and online search, where I could expand my availability of research materials and I could communicate with other people of various backgrounds or different denominations. On most websites the people choose to use an alias or online screen name, instead of using their actual name. This is how I came to be “called2teachu”; there were some who took offense this name, thinking how could I say (so arrogantly), that I’m called to teach them. At the same time there were others who accepted me, but chose to shortened it by calling me “teach or called” as time went by.

I spent a great amount of time on various Christian message boards, where I would do some teaching or answer biblical questions. Then there was also the “debate” forums, for those who wished to see how I could standup to their opinions or if they could sway me over to their way of thinking.

Many of these sites were Messianic Jewish and some Orthodox Jewish; me being a Gentile (turned Christian), I found that there was always someone who was always ready to challenge what I believed. I put my faith in Jesus on the open market of other religions, believing that he can withstand the tests of other beliefs. Many learned to accept me or at least they respected my ability to clearly state and defend my beliefs; although they didn’t always agree with me, especially those who rejected Jesus as their Messiah or as the Christ, the Son of God.

Over the years I have archived much of my teachings from these websites. Where I also started to write a book from what I’ve learned since that first day in 1985 about God’s grace. It’s from my book “Grace while failing” (not yet competed), that I draw from for my blogs.

I may never get my book published; for that was never my goal for writing it. My goal has always been the same from the first day I said yes to the Lord; which is to help others to see and help them to explain God’s grace for what it is and not what some may suggest that it is.

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: (John 1:12)”

Grace is so much more than the unmerited favor from God that opens the door to eternal life or a sinner allowed to go to Heaven. But it is also “the power to become”. The power, authority and ability to “become” everything that God has called us to be. The power to be transformed from being a spiritual infant to adult sons of God and to live a supernatural life.

As we walk out our salvation, we will experience failures from time to time, some are our own fault through sin, while others can be just a part of the growing up or learning process we go through. The goal of my book or blog, is to help people to fulfill their destiny through the grace that is available to them.

So yes, I am called2teachu! If you will let me.



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