A Divine Appointment!

I can never look at my schedule and know whether a Divine Appointment has been planned for my day or not. However, I have found that every moment of every day has the potential of being one; and sometimes I can tell that one has begun, while at other times, I can only recognize that I had one from hindsight or once the dust has settled.

I remember in the mid 1990’s, the Lord placed it in my heart to organized a 12 hour concert in the local park In my city. Where I contacted 4 local Christian bands and 3 or 4 soloist to sing and play music. As well, I had planned some speakers to minister a short word at different points throughout the concert. I even had a few clowns giving away balloons to the children. Not exactly an easy task to organize or coordinate, with so many people involved.

I was speaking to a friend of mine (Rick) at work about some of the obstacles I was running into while trying to keep everything on course, because of the short amount of time I had left to accomplish everything and the number of people who were involved.

So Rick said he would call his Church to organize a special prayer meeting tonight for the purpose of praying for the concert. He asked me to come by and speak to the people, so they could also pray specifically for me; but because I was so busy, I told him I might come by, but no promises. However, I really didn’t have any real intentions of going, since I felt I was really busy and I had more things to do, plus more phone calls to make since there was only three days left till the concert.

By the time I got home that evening from work, I found that nearly everyone I needed to contact had already called and confirmed that they indeed were coming. Also, a friend of mine (Gary), who also was going to sing at the concert had just dropped by and said he felt that we needed to spend some time in prayer for the concert; whereby I told him about my friend at work and the prayer meeting he was setting up at his home. Since I no longer needed to make all of those phone calls, I no longer had an excuse not to attend the prayer meeting, so we agree to go!

As we entered my friend’s home, he quickly apologized, stating that only a few people had showed up due to another prayer meeting being requested prior to his. I simply told my friend that The Lord didn’t require many for God to hear and answer prayer. He introduced me to a woman and her nine-year old daughter, also to the woman’s ex-boyfriend. There was two older women (who were obviously Pentecostal) there also. I then introduced my friend Gary to everyone there; everyone seeing the guitar that he brought with him, they quickly asked him to play a few songs that he had written; and afterwards we prayed for about 30 minutes.

After prayer we spent a little while in fellowship; the two older women started talking to the young girl about the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and I was led to ask the ex-boyfriend outside so we could talk.

He told me his father was a Baptist preacher, but he himself was an Atheist. He said he never seen anything that proved to him that there was a God and the only reason he was at the prayer meeting was because he was wanting to talk to the woman about getting back together.

After about 30 minutes and getting no where with the man about God, we decided to go back inside. As I walked in I could see that the two older women were still trying to get this young girl to receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

After a minutes watching these two women, I felt a little grieved in my spirit due to how aggressive they were treating this young girl. I then stepped in between them and her, and told them she didn’t understand what was happening and that they were making it unnecessarily hard for her.

I asked the young girl if she believed in God and Jesus? Her response was, “yes and I go to Church too!” She said that about 3 weeks ago she had prayed and received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. So I asked her when she prayed, did she know that Jesus came into her heart, and she said, “yes I know he did!” I then told her that Jesus wanted to give her power to live for him and asked her if she would like to receive this power? Again, her answer was, “yes!” So I told her to just believe that it will happen in the same way when she prayed for him to be her Savior. Then I laid my hands on her head and prayed for Jesus to be her baptizer.

As I began to pray, she began to giggle, then she started laughing, then she began to gently weep and then she started speaking in tongues. With my hands still placed on her head, she startled all of us by speaking almost hysterically saying, “Devil I’m not afraid of you anymore and you will never be in me again!”; and then she started to gently weep again and then she fell into a deep sleep!

Because of the wide range of emotions that she expressed, I wasn’t sure what had just happened and it was time for me to take my friend Gary back home. So I told my friend Rick, that when the young girl wakes up, that his wife should talk to her alone and he said he would; then we left.

The first person I saw when I got to work the next day, was my friend Rick; he quickly came up to me and said, “You’ll never guess where I spent the night!” I said where? He said, “The jail!” I asked him, “What did you do?” He waved off my question and said, “No, no you don’t understand. Do you remember that you wanted my wife to talk to the girl?” I said, “yes!”

Rick began to say; “She woke up about 15 minutes after you had left and his wife took her outside to talk privately to her. The girl said almost as soon as I laid my hands on her and started to pray, that Jesus started talking to her.

Jesus told her, that he was giving her power and that she would never have to be afraid again! That she would be free! It seems that her mother’s current boyfriend had been molesting and raping her at night while her mother was asleep. He told her that he was the Devil and if she said anything, that he would kill them both; and Jesus was giving her the power to get free from this abuse and fear.”

Rick continued to say, ” So I’ve been at the jail all night helping to fill out paperwork for the arrest warrant against this man.” As Rick finished telling the story, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

Then came the concert a day later, everything went great! About mid-day, I had my Pastor speak and afterwards he did an altar call.

The very first person that came up was that young girl and following her was her mother and her ex-boyfriend. I first approached the girl and asked if she wanted prayer? She said, “Yes, that she felt dirty because what that man had done to her; and she wanted Jesus to love her again, because she thought Jesus was mad at her!” I almost broke down in tears as she spoke and I told her that Jesus didn’t blame her for what had happened and that he would always love her. So I told her that I would just pray for her to have peace; and she was ok with that, so I prayed and she quickly ran off to play with the other children there in the park.

Then came up her mother; she was wearing dark sunglasses, but I could still see her red eyes from all of her crying. She wanted forgiveness for being so blind in not seeing what was happening to her daughter. I prayed for peace also for her and she left!

Then the atheistic ex-boyfriend came up, so I asked if he wanted prayer. He told me that until that night, he had never seen anything that proved the existence of God, but now he could no longer deny the reality of God, so he wanted prayer to help him to believe more and to receive God into his life. So we prayed!

Afterwards I asked my friend Rick, where did the mother go? He said that she was asleep underneath the tree on a blanket; that she hadn’t been able to sleep since that night and right after our prayer, that she went straight underneath the tree and fell instantly asleep.

As I was watching the little girl playing as if nothing had ever happened to her, the mother sleeping on the ground and the ex-boyfriend, I could now see what I couldn’t see before. I only thought I was going to a prayer meeting, but God had something totally different in mind; a divine appointment!

Availability and a willingness to share God’s love, is what God looks for; and he will make it all happen! I often think to myself, “What if I had still thought that I was too busy to go to that prayer meeting and not gone?”


This story is something that I meditate on quite often when things get hectic and I feel like saying I’m too busy to do something that someone may ask me to do. I have found that it’s often in these moments, when God says,”I want to use you!” Or, later I realize I was just used by God and I didn’t even recognize it until it was over.




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