That’s not the right way of doing it!

A few years back I was rehearsing, (to my friend Rick and his wife), how I had prayed for an unbeliever, for the Lord to heal her of a bad toothache and how I had to prayed three times before she got healed; and because of the healing, she realized God was real and accepted Jesus as Lord.

These were two friends of mine and as I finish the story, the man’s wife asked me if I would pray for her migraine headache, so I said yes I would. I laid my hands on her head and I prayed for the Lord to heal her from the headache and the pain to leave.

After I prayed for her, I asked her how she felt and her reply was, that she felt better, but she still had a headache. So I said, that’s not what I prayed for. (I was praying for her headache to be gone, not just for some minor relief from it!)

So I told her I would pray again, so I thanked the Lord for healing her and then I commanded Satan not to interfere with this woman’s healing and commanded the pain to leave.

I again asked the woman how she felt and again she said she felt better, but she still had a headache. Again I told her, that’s not what I prayed for. (As if this was a case of déjà vu), I said I would pray one last time and again I laid my hands on her, thanking The Lord for his healing and then I commanded the lying spirit to release her and for the pain to depart.

As I began to ask her how she felt, her eyes opened real wide as if she was surprised or shocked. I asked her how she felt and her rely was, “All the pain is completely gone!”

A few days later my friends came to visit me and right off the bat, the man’s wife asked me if my prayers would work on any pain? I said to her, pain is pain, big or small it makes no difference to the Lord.

The woman then told me how she had been recovering from having a miscarriage a few months ago and now every month she goes through excruciating pain from her menstrual cycle; she was wondering if I could pray for her.

I asked if she was in pain now and she said, “Yes, a lot of pain!” So I prayed for her and just like before, I had to pray three times for the pain to completely depart.

One month later, I get a phone call from my friend and he tells me his wife’s menstrual cycle has started again and if I would come over and pray for his wife. I said I’d be right over.

When I got there I could tell she was in a lot of pain, so again I prayed for her and again it took me three times praying for her, (where each time I would I ask her how she felt after I prayed) and she would say better, but it still hurts; where again each time I would say, “That’s not what I prayed for!” (Again, I was praying for the pain to be gone, not just some minor relief from it.)

After she was healed, I told them that they didn’t need me to keep praying for them, that they could pray for themselves. My friend said yes I know, but my wife doesn’t think my prayers work and is convinced your do! (She was completely healed that day and I never had to pray for her again.)

About two months later, my friend came over to my house and says to me, “Man you have ruined my wife!”

I asked how? He said you remember how you told us that story where you prayed for that woman and each time you asked how she felt; and then you would say that’s not what you prayed for, so you would pray again, until the pain was gone? And how you prayed for my wife? I said, “Yes I do.”

He said, well now my wife is praying for all of the women at our Church and every time afterwards, she asks them how they feel? If they say they still feel some pain, then her response is, “That’s not what I prayed for” and then she prays again.

I had to laugh and then I asked him, “Well are they getting healed?” He said yes, but my Church doesn’t believe you are supposed to pray more than once, if you’re really doing it in faith! “Man you have really ruined my wife and our Church isn’t happy with it!”

Sometimes I just have to shake my head at people and wonder, is this what Jesus went through, when he did his healings? (Not doing it in the way that everyone expected him to do it!)


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