Can I get a witness?

I wish that I could say that I gave my life to the Lord early in life and how I lived my life in communion with the Holy Spirit. (This is the kind of testimony I think as Christians we should be exalting, not just the dirty sinners’ past or some famous sports person and how God cleaned them up.)

Don’t get me wrong, I praise God for what he has done in my life and I’m more than ready to tell people my testimony. But, some people who gave their lives early in life to the Lord, they don’t feel like they have much of a testimony since God didn’t pull them out of the muck and mire of this world and gloriously & dramatically changed them. (As if their testimony is boring and not so glorious.)

Actually, I think God should be praised just as much, if not more so for preserving and keeping these people from a great sinful life, (those who trusted in Jesus early in life.) After all it’s not about how much sin you had before turning to Jesus that gives you a testimony or God glory!

There should be an advantage and peace available to them, because of the presence of God in their lives, that others are missing out on. (Or, why present the Lord to our children, if there’s nothing better for them in life?)

Why is it we tend to exalt the prodigal or some celebrity that turns to the Lord late in life and not exalt those who God calls early in life?

I’d like to hear about God’s keeping or preserving ability, how he can correct a person’s moral compass early in life, not just how he corrected it for those later in life. (Sure, I can tell you how poorly I lived my life with a broken moral compass, but what about those who lived their lives for Jesus from an early age?)

Is there anyone out there that knows what I mean; and can I get a witness?



2 thoughts on “Can I get a witness?

  1. Your post is very interesting. Interesting enough that I decided to create my own sign in so that I could respond with my testimony. I remember (as if it were yesterday) the day I received Jesus Christ into my heart. I was five years old. I remember being led in the sinners prayer by a baptist preacher and somehow understanding what I was about to do. I remember the preacher having me repeat his words. I remember the one section of the prayer when he said; “I deserve to go to hell” I responded with; “but I don’t want to go down there”. The preacher just smiled and asked me to trust him and finish the prayer, and everything would be alright. I finished the prayer and remember how I felt. The peace and joy was overwhelming, and I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my parents. When I was 8 years old, I went to a church camp with my church. I was a very quiet child and being bullied by some of the older boys in my cabin. I wasn’t having a whole lot of fun, but I looked forward to “chapel” every morning and evening. On about the third morning of the camp we were getting ready to go and eat breakfast. The counselor was simply praying for the meal that we were about to eat when suddenly the Holy Spirit filled the room. I was overwhelmed with God’s presence, and received the Holy Spirit. His presence was so strong that the boy on the top bunk was slain as well. When it was over, I wiped the tears from my eyes and opened them. Every boy there were looking at me from there bunks in total shock and amazement. That evening in chapel, they did an alter call for anyone wanting to be saved (if I remember correctly). That evening the Holy Spirit entered the room and I received the gift of tongues (I don’t recall the alter call was about tongues at all). My life was forever changed.

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  2. I have four children who I have been watching live out this life of faith in Jesus Christ from a very early age. They are currently 30, twins 26 and 23. I am so grateful that they get to enjoy His presence every day of their lives! Joy!

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