Are you for sale?

The book of Job gives us an interesting conversation between The Lord and Satan, where the Lord asked Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job?”

Of course the Lord knows Satan has been eyeing Job, he being omniscient; even Satan’s statement reveals that he’s fully aware of Job and how well the Lord has blessed him.

“Then Satan answered the Lord and said, “Does Job fear God for no reason? (ESV)”

As I read Satan’s comments to the Lord about Job, it appears that Satan is saying, ” The only reason Job fears (worships & serves) you, is because you buy his worship with your blessings!”

Have you ever thought about “why” you worship God and does he have to buy your worship; meaning, would your worship and service dry up, if his benefits stopped?

How much pain (like Jobs’), would you be willing to suffer and still honor and follow him as Lord? I hope you might stop for a few minutes and reflect on your relationship with God; does he only get your attention when bad things happen in your life? Or, do you only call on his name to get some of his stuff? How does your present lifestyle show (prove) your thoughts on this?


2 thoughts on “Are you for sale?

  1. I agree, it is probably boastful to say we could pass this test without his help, without actually going through it. My point is more with Satan’s accusation, that Job only served God for his benefits.

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