A New Year


Young girl celebrating with confetti

This month (22nd of December) makes one full year that my blog has been up on “Wordpress.com”. This will make post #72 that I have done on my blog. I’ve gained many “likes” along the way and even a few “follows”. I hope that those of you who that have read my posts, that you’ve been blessed by them.

I believe Birthdays & Anniversaries are important, they allow us to see the progress that we have made from one year to the next; and they can show us how committed we are in the things that we are involved in!

“Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit. (Ecclesiastes 7:8)

The wisest man according to scriptures (Solomon) points out, that it’s not what we start out to do or the things that we hastily proclaim that we are going to start, that’s good; but, it is the things that we start and “finish” that is good or better.

Over the years I’ve seen and heard many people say, “The Lord has told me to do something or start this or that”, only for them to change their minds later. I understand that hearing God’s voice or directions for our life can at times be a little hard to navigate, (The voices of the world, the voice of the Spirit and even our own heart can be hard to discern to know which is which.) Hopefully, over time we will mature enough to tell the difference between the three.

We are fast coming up to the beginning of a new year (2017), which many will be compelled to claim a “New Year’s Resolution” and like many, they will fall by the wayside, never to be seen as something that will be accomplished!

I’m hoping to see a greater realm of God’s favor that will help me, not only to start some “New Beginnings”, but also to see them through to the end. My God has started a good work in me and I am convinced that he will continue with me, until he has his finished product; and likewise, I believe he wants me to finish the things that he has placed in my heart to start.

I don’t know where my blog will go from here, but I know he didn’t place it in my heart to start it, only to let it fall by the wayside. (As well as, other things I’ve started.) As the writer of Ecclesiastes states by the inspiration of the Spirit of God, “It’s not what we start, but what we finish that matters.” Pride often causes us to hastily proclaim things, but it is the patient in spirit that finishes a thing, which is the better thing.

Maybe, it’s time for us to look again at the things that The Lord has said to us in the past, to see what we may have started, but not finished.



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