Do You Remember?

My wife was cleaning out one of our closets and she found a binder I used to write in while I was in times of prayer. I would write down things that I felt the Lord was saying to me, sometime it would be like a poem, while other times it was like a song. I thought I might share a few of the things that came to me in my prayer closet.

rememberDo you remember the first time, when you first heard of me and you believed? When I called out your name and you called upon mine?

Do you remember when I told you I loved you and you fell in love with me? How it first felt and you never wanted it to stop, you wanted to go deeper if possible it could be?

Do you remember the first time I told you of things to be, how amazed you were as they came to pass? How you saw I knew your deepest secrets and all of your fears melted away before me?

Do you remember how dry your life and heart was at first, I came in and took away your thirst? You felt like a well of water or a spring of life. How you longed to be in my presence, like a husband with his wife.

Do you remember? If you remember, then don’t keep it in the past. I am the same both then and now. Come back to me and I will show you anew, how my love is forever, it will always last!


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